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We comprehensively handle the projects need of our clients from concept to installation/completion through support. This process normally involves studying our client’s infrastructure, evaluating the client’s needs, specifying the mix of services required to meet project goal. in many cases, our “solutions” also include ongoing services and support. We hope to effectively manage organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources available within our disposal to render the best services unmatched by any other.

Mexicrun Nigeria Limited works closely with its local in state partners who are experts in local regulatory policies, practices and logistics. A typical form of operation for Mexicrun Nigeria Limited is a joint venture with its local partners of clients, giving the client or partner a long-term stake in the success of the venture. Through these strategic alliances with multinational carriers and in-state partners, Mexicrun Nigeria Limited believes it can minimize its capital and operating expenses while enhancing the profitability and security of its projects.

We also provide global sourcing solutions for procurement of equipments and facilities that are not easily available in Nigeria. We are dedicated to personalized services and pride ourselves on the ability to provide cost effective sourcing solutions to the Nigerian market.

Mexicrun is a hybrid business model – (i.e. business minded and mission driven). Our ultimate goal is to ensure the availability and accessibility of the services, with other related products at “value for momey” price across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

Our services can generally be categorized thus:

Construction Services

MEXICRUN is a highly recognised and efficient contracting company in the world. We deal with general contracts in the areas of construction, housing, business development among others. We are known across the world for fast, efficient and innovative delivery of general contracting services. Our name has become a household name across the globe. We are renowned for our employment of highly experienced and world-class professionals in all the areas of contracting and this has been our source of recognition across the globe. Our highly experienced management team understands the values of operation, security, regulation, licensing and other issues related to general contracting.

Our clients are in the range of small-scale and medium-scale businesses as well as large corporations in various parts of the world.

Oil & Gas Services

MEXICRUN plays an immense role in the energy sector across the globe due to its involvement in upstream oil across the globe and its high level production in the energy sector. We explore and supply oil and gas to various parts of the world. Our products are widely spread and sold globally. Due to our immense acquisition of highly experienced professionals in the field of oil and gas exploration and supply and our highly experienced management team that understand the values of regulation, operation, security, environmental and other issues related to oil and gas exploration and supply, MEXICRUN has become a household name globally.

We have customers in the range of small-scale and medium-scale businesses as well as large corporations in various parts of the world.

Supply & Procurement Services

Integrating functions with primary responsibility for linking major business functions and business processes within and across companies into a cohesive and high performing business model. This includes several logistics management activities, as well as manufacturing operations, which drives coordination of processes and activities with and across marketing, sales, product design, finance and information technology.

Other Services

Design Services
Cost estimates, design analysis, project scheduling, conceptual drawings, electrical standards specifications, etc.

Consulting Services
Architectural designs, engineering studies (function analysis), evaluation and recommendations (value engineering analysis), feasibility studies and master planning.

Field Services
24-hour emergency services, troubleshooting, field engineering liaison and inspection, commissioning and checkout, customer representation at acceptance testing of equipment, and preventive maintenance programs.